Although Artspace Cinderford works with the whole community, and the New Mercury is open to the public, it is a membership organisation.

In common with other voluntary organisations, Artspace is governed by an independent Management Committee. In our case the members of the Management Committee are both Directors of Artspace as a Company Ltd by Guarantee and Trustees of Artspace as a registered charity. They are people who support the work of the organisation and who give their time voluntarily to its governance. Members of the Management Committee are, by law, prevented from benefiting financially from their involvement with the organisation.

According to our constitution ( which, in common with other Companies Ltd by Guarantee, takes the form of a Memorandum and Articles of Association) the Management Committee must be elected annually by the members of the organisation.

Without a Management Committee, Artspace would cease to exist and, as you can see, in order to have a Management Committee we must have members.

By becoming a member of Artspace Cinderford and attending our Annual General Meeting once a year, you are therefore making a crucial contribution to maintaining a valuable community resource.

As well as having a say in the future of the organisation by electing the Committee, members also receive regular mailings about activities at Artspace, and reduced entry fees at ticketed events.

Annual subscription rates are:

Waged adults: £10.00
Unwaged adults: £3.00
Groups: £20.00

Currently membership is restricted to people over 18.


Please contact Artspace for further details of Youth Education Courses.


Please contact Artspace for further details of Adult Education Courses.


Please contact Artspace for further details of Outreach Courses.