Tuesday, 10.00am - 12.00pm
The New Mercury

Exploring Printmaking

Course Details

Exploring Printmaking with Melanie Ruston

This is an opportunity to explore the many ways of making a print. We can try printing from a matrix made from collected textured surfaces by hand and by using an etching press. We can make a relief block by cutting into various surfaces and printing as a single colour and to make multi coloured images. Monoprinting can be a quick way of transferring ink onto paper making a simple drawing or continue to add more than one colour to make a multi layered print. We will experiment with overprinting and layering, using different papers and scale and perhaps culminating in a collaborative piece of paper sculpture! Nothing is wrong and everyone can have a go even if you think you can’t draw!

Enrolment Details

Starts: 24th April 2018. For 9 weeks with a half term break.
Costs: £60 course fee + £2 a week towards materials (collected weekly).
Concessions: £25 for people on means tested benefits or people with disabilities, plus £2 a week.

To book a place, ring Hannah on: 01594 825111 (ext 4)
email: hannah@artspacecinderford.org or call in between 9.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Thursday.