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Fun with 3D! Unusual Curiosities

Course Details

Fun with 3D! Unusual Curiosities with Warren Day

Develop your artistic skill in 3 dimensions through a series of fun workshops and make sculptural outcomes using materials such as card, modroc, clay, found objects and even food! You will experiment with the idea of changing ordinary objects into something ‘extra-ordinary’. What happens when you make a sculpture of a banana mashed up with a hotdog? Or give a familiar fruit or vegetable an animal skin or fur texture? We will investigate the preconception of the scale, texture, expected material etc. Towards the end of term, learners will be able to reflect on the workshops and develop a personal response in the form of a finished 3D outcome.

Enrolment Details

Starts: 21th September 2017. For 9 weeks with a half term break.
Costs: £60 course fee + £2 a week towards materials (collected weekly).
Concessions: £25 for people on means tested benefits or £18.50 for people with disabilities, plus £2 a week.

To book a place, ring Hannah on: 01594 825111 (ext 4)
email: or call in between 9.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Thursday.