Tuesday, 5.30pm - 7.30pm
The New Mercury

The Studio Sessions

Course Details

The Studio Sessions The Studio Sessions with Rob Toomer

These fun and exciting visual arts workshops will help you to further develop and expand your skills as a budding artist! With various projects running throughout the term, we will introduce you to some new and exciting art forms, materials and ways of working. This term’s projects will include painting, drawing, 3D work and printmaking. We will also research the work of other artists to help inspire your own work. We will encourage you to keep a sketchbook to help you to shape your ideas, and a portfolio to showcase your artwork. Within this group you will also have the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award an exciting, nationally recognised, arts qualification.

Enrolment Details

Starts: 24th April 2018. For ten weeks.
Cost: £4.50 per session.