Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

Youth Arts Exhibition

Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 -
Location: The New Mercury
Start Time: 10:40am
Duration: Monday 22nd February to Friday 24th March 2016
Contact: Rob Toomer

Our ‘Youth Arts’ exhibition is a celebration of some of the fantastic artwork being created by young people here at Artspace, in both our regular ‘term time’ classes and within specific targeted projects. Our youth classes run in the evenings during term time, are fully inclusive and cover a wide range of processes, techniques and mediums.

The exhibition includes work from drawings and paintings to 3d sculptures and ceramics.

Included in the exhibition is a selection of work from the young people who attend our ‘Studio Sessions’ group on a Tuesday Evening. Over the past term they have been working on an ‘under the sea’ theme producing, a wide variety of work which they have titled ‘Art-lantis’. Also on display are a selection of screenprints by a young person currently working towards their Silver Arts Award and some beautiful ceramic animals produced by Daisy Kirkwood’s ‘Children’s pottery’ group.

The exhibition will be on display until Friday 24th March, so why not pop into Artspace and take a look..