Artist of the Month – El Greco

Artist of the Month – El Greco

Artist of the Month – El Greco

Several of our classes have been looking at the art of Spain with Diana Gash. For this reason we have chosen a prominent artist, who spent much of his later years in Spain, to be our ‘Artist of the Month’.

El Greco 1541-1614

He was born Domenikos Theotokopoulos (quite the mouthfull!) but was nicknamed the very original name ‘El Greco’ which translates quite literally as ‘The Greek’. So he was Greek and grew up in Crete. He later spent some time living in Italy before moving to Spain in 1577, where he spent the rest of his life and painted most of his best known works. He was a major player in the Spanish Renaissance movement and is therefore seen as an eminent Spanish artist, rather than the Greek of his origin. His style was said to be very individual and unlike any other at that time.

A recent exhibition at the Museo del Prado (June – October 2014) explored the influence he had on painters that followed him. El Greco inspired many, including Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso and Ignacio Zuluaga. Picasso regarded El Greco as the most outstanding old master and took direct inspiration and studies from El Greco’s work. He also attracted innovative French artists such as Manet and Cezanne.

El Greco’s most famous painting is ‘The Burial of the Count of Orgaz’ found in the Parish Church of Santo Tomé in Toledo (where El Greco lived for many years), directly above the tomb of the Count of Orgaz.

You can see some obvious influences in the pictures below.

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