How can you support Artspace

How can you help support Artspace

DID YOU KNOW? Facts about Artspace Cinderford:
Here are some facts and figures about Artspace’s work.

Artspace is a Registered Charity and was initiated in 1988 by a group of volunteers, many of whom had learning difficulties.

On average, Artspace deliver around 1,000 sessions a year, these sessions generate around 11,000 attendances. This is an incredible output for such a small organisation with a small team and a modest turnover of, on average £180,000 per annum!

We are fully inclusive, classes represent the diversity of the area in which we live. We work with schools and other youth organisations and specialise in provision for children and young people facing challenging circumstances. Our adult education programme generates around 380 enrolments a year. 60% of those are from people with learning or physical difficulties.

We provide creative opportunities that help improve skills, confidence, well-being and social connectedness. Our programme helps to reduce isolation, nurture transferrable skills and provides alternative qualifications for young people.

On average, just 3% of the charity’s income comes from donations from the public. Can you help us raise this to 6%? Turn to page 5 to find out how you can help support Artspace.

If you are supporter of Artspace we would like to say a great big thank you! If you would like to be involved in supporting Artspace, there are lots of ways that could help us to fundraise. Here are some ideas:

Simply donate: If you lack time, but would like to help – there is nothing quicker, easier (or more gratefully received) than a simple donation! You can make a cheque payable to ‘Cinderford Artspace’ or access our secure online donation page

Run a coffee morning: This could be at your home, or at Artspace, with proceeds from the sales of coffee and cake raising money for the charity.Do a car boot sale or raffle: Get rid of the things no longer want, all for a good cause.

Hold a sponsored event: Are you sporty and looking for a challenge? Over the last few years volunteers have run the FOD half marathon to raise funds. A group even took on the 3 Peaks Challenge and climbed three mountains, raising over £2,000!

Make something beautiful: If you are creative, help support the arts by selling or auctioning a piece of your work on ebay.

Come along and support us: Just by attending a course or workshop, you are in turn supporting the organisation. Sign up for our email alerts to receive our eprogramme and find out about the range of events and exhibitions we organise throughout the year.

Become a member: For just £10 a year you will receive free entry to our film showings 3 times per term, we will also send you our brochure each term and keep you informed about events and freebies.

Volunteer: Artspace welcome volunteers to help support our workshops and fundraising events. A great way of helping a charity, meeting new people or brushing up your skills for your CV!

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