New Exhibition

New Exhibition

We currently have an exciting new exhibition up in Artspace, showcasing some of the work that has been going on. It was well received when it opened for the AGM on 5th December and is now open for anyone to browse. We have print works; willow pieces; 3D and 2D textile based works; paintings and drawings inspired from the art of Spain and a collection of Ceramics. There is also some of the tutor’s own work including Jo Jarratts’s paintings and Lin Powell’s felted pieces.

Rob Toomer said:
“This exhibition celebrates some of the wonderfully diverse artwork that is being created here at the New Mercury, both within our adult education classes and the independent workshops that take place in our building. It also showcases the work of some of our fantastic tutors, which many of us have not seen before. It is a great opportunity to be able to see what everyone has been up to.”

Thankyou to everyone who put work in. If you fancy taking a look then feel free to pop in any time before 19th December or after the Christmas break.

Works produced by:

Nikki White’s Artlift group – Prints
Lizzie Godden’s groups – Stitch and Sculpture, Dye Print and Stitch (Blakeney)
Diana Gash’s groups – Drawing and Painting from the Art of Spain
Jane Spray’s groups – Ceramics
Lin Powell’s classes – Weaving with Willow

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