Longlevens Primary School ‘Spooky Mural’

Artspace assist local primary school in stimulating pupils imagination

The Literacy Coordinator at Longlevens Junior School wanted a group of year 6 pupils to design a ‘spooky mural’ that could be painted on an exterior wall in the school’s grounds. The mural would encourage outdoor learning and would be used as a stimulus for the pupils imaginative writing.

Artspace artist Rachel Shilston worked with a group of eighteen year six pupils and together brainstormed all the elements needed to create a spooky scene. The children painted designs of tombstones, trees, animals and a spooky house, then planned the layout of the final design.

Rachel will be returning to the school in September and will be painting the mural to the design created by the group. Sadly, the present year 6s
will have moved onto secondary school, however the new year group will hopefully be involved with the painting.

In addition, Rachel has painted extracts of childrens responses to the book Kensuke’s Kingdom, onto a wall next to an existing mural which is based
on the book. This was to help celebrate some of the childrens written work and add it as a permanent display around the school.

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