Lydbrook Primary School Mosaic Project

Artspace helps create a mini beast mosaic trail for Lydbrook Primary School Garden

The school contacted Artspace about the possibility of helping the children to make a mosaic for the garden area. They had no fixed plan so an initial meeting was arranged with mosaic artist Claire Robinson to discuss ideas. Time was of the essence so something simple was needed and with Claire’s help, the plan for a mini beast treasure trail project was developed with each child producing a small `ice cream tub’ slab depicting in tiles an insect or creature to be found in the garden.

Teachers worked with class 4 children to come up with ideas and collages so that pupils could work with Claire on the basic principles of reverse method mosaic. They learned easy and safe tile cutting, and how to select colours and shapes to make a representation of their chosen insect. These were cut and stuck by the time of the next challenge – concrete mixing! Children worked in small groups, taking sound precautions, and having discussed thoroughly potential hazards and preventative methods – using measure and ratio to make grout and then concrete from sharp sand and cement. Learning about tiling and mixing sand and cement gave children better understanding of the building trade – one commented that `my dad smells like this when he gets home from work!’

As they poured concrete into their tub moulds, covering their lovely mosaic work and in suspense over the necessity of leaving them a week to dry out, Claire assured the children that this would be for the best – that their slabs would be beautifully durable and ultimately professional.

Excitement replaced anxiety seven days later as the solid colourful mosaic top pavers were taken out of their molds. Some kind parent volunteers came to help install the slabs. All done and dusted with a week to go before the School event, and looking great onsite – the teacher and her class have created a mini beast trail to be proud of.

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