Courses For Adults – at Artspace Cinderford Venue

Weave a Willow Asymmetrical Basket, with Helen Parkinson


Come to Artspace to enjoy a group workshop in our fully equipped art studio in Cinderford.

Enrolment: To express your interest in a place or for more information, please email and provide your name, phone number and the title of the course you are interested in and we will get back to you.

Cost: £80 (*£45 concessions) for an eight week course of 2hr long workshops, including all materials and resources.

*Concessionary rates apply for people with disabilities or on means tested benefits.  Courses are FREE for people with fewer than 5 GCSE’s (level 2).  Please contact us to discuss your eligibility.

Please note: To help us reduce cash-handling during the Covid-19 pandemic we will ask that you pay tuition fee and materials charges in full, at the start of the course.

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Volunteering in the Arts, with Angie Burgess


Starts Monday 26th September / 6 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

If you would like to learn and develop the skills required to volunteer for Artspace, then this is the course for you. During our sessions we will learn and develop basic IT skills, complete general admin tasks, learn the basic financial aspects of fundraising and use a variety of creative mediums to help facilitate our goals. We will also use fun, educational games for team building and will learn to work together to achieve our aims. Whilst we will focus on learning new skills and developing them, this course will predominantly be about fun as we identify ways in which we can perform a successful volunteering role, hone our organisational skills and build confidence and team spirit within the group. Ultimately we will put our skills into practice and work in collaboration to organise a fund raising initiative and to gain some experience and benefit Artspace. This course is suitable for all skill levels and will be a fun but productive collaboration.


Weave a Willow Asymmetrical Basket, with Helen Parkinson

Starts Monday 26th September / 8 weeks with half term break  

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

During this Autumn term we will be focusing on creating a beautiful and functional asymmetrical basket, this contemporary basket is perfect to use as a kindling basket amongst many other uses. We will be using a variety of different willow and there will be a selection of chunky hazel branches to use as a handle but you can use your own favourite driftwood or foraged finds. At the end of the course, you will have a good basic knowledge of willow types and how to prepare them, weaving tools and how to use them and techniques including constructing a basket on a stake and strand paired weave base, three rod wale and a choice of side weaves.

Suitable for beginners. Please bear in mind weaving with willow can be tough on the hands, so if you have a loss of strength in your hands you might find this class challenging. You are welcome to bring along a favourite pair of secateurs but tools will be provided.


Knitting for Beginners, with Cherry Lyne

Starts Monday 26th September / 8 weeks with a half term break.

12:30pm  2:30pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

£35 (£15 concessions)

Learn the rudiments of knitting while you create your own scarf.  Together we will learn and practice the basic stitches that make up so many garments we love. All materials supplied and this is an in-person course aimed at the complete beginner. We will be learning knit, pearl, rib and moss stitch, as well as casting on and off and you will go home with a gorgeous scarf you have made yourself!  Those who attended last term who wish to continue will have the opportunity to expand their range of stitches either by continuing their current project or starting a new one.




Print & Paint with Wendy Daniels


Starts Tuesday 27th September / 8 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

This course will encourage learners to experiment with different forms of simple printmaking and other painting techniques. We will work on paper, card and fabric and you can choose from a range of designs or make your own. We will explore a range of different paints and make our own from earth pigments and natural materials. No experience necessary, just be prepared to have a go!



Circus & Performing Arts, with Jo Jarratt


Starts Wednesday 28th September / 8 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)


Do you like to perform? Do you love the theatre?  Do you love the Circus? Come and join us on this 8 week course of Circus, drama and dance, where we shall work together to create a fabulous performance of our own!


3D Ceramics, with Jane Spray


Starts Wednesday 28th September / 8 weeks with half term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

A ceramic class for those with some previous experience of using clay. Students will be encouraged to work on their own personal projects, and may wish to explore techniques of using slips and printing on clay further.


Discover Painting, with Bela Kielt

Starts Wednesday 28th September / 8 weeks with half term break

1:30pm 3:30pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

This course is perfect for beginners as well as people with some experience. During the course you will exercise and explore some of the basic principles of painting: types of composition, light and mixing paint.  We will try a variety of exercises, such as making super-fast sketches with a brush.  Working on a large scale, you will have fun using paint, charcoal and pencil.  We will explore different styles and spend lots of time focusing on observation and painting from life.


Evening Pottery, with Jane Spray

Starts Wednesday 28th September / 8 weeks with half term break

6:45pm – 8:45pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

If you cannot make it to Artspace during the day, then this is the evening class for you! Relax and enjoy using clay in a creative atmosphere. A range of making and decorating techniques will be explored throughout the course and you will be encouraged to work on and develop your own projects.



Stitch It Don’t Ditch It, with Lizzie Godden

Starts Thursday 29th September / 8 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

We’ve all got clothes in our wardrobe which we’re tired of, don’t fit any more, are stained or torn.  Let’s fix them and not ditch them! On this course we’ll patch and mend creatively, alter the size of a garment, change a garment, for example make a skirt from an unwanted pair of trousers.  We’ll also be able to make bags and jewellery from old clothing.


Explore the World of Stitch, with Lizzie Godden

Starts Thursday 29th September / 8 weeks with half-term break

1:00pm- 3:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

Stitching is both absorbing and exciting.  On this course we’ll enjoy stitching with all sorts of thread, you’ll learn new stitches you hadn’t heard of, we’ll create texture through stitching, stitch on top of stitch, stitch into paper and other materials, invent our own stitches, we’ll be able to make a book of stitches.


Discover Drama, with Jo Jarratt


Starts Friday 30th September / 8 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)


Have you ever wanted to have a go at acting? Do you want to develop your confidence? This course offers adults the chance to explore and develop their communication and performing skills; using improvisation, characterisation, vocal and physical exercises in order to challenge and excite! There will also be the opportunity to devise your own piece of theatre for performance.


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