Courses For Adults at Artspace



Come to Artspace to enjoy a group workshop in our fully equipped art studio in Cinderford.

Enrolment: To book a place or for more information about a course, please email: and provide your name, phone number and the title of the course you are interested in, and we will get back to you.

Cost:  Our courses for adults start from as little as £35 for an 8 week course  and include all materials.

*Concessionary rates are available for those with a disability or who are on means tested benefits.

**FREE places are available on select courses for those with fewer than 5 GCSE’s (level 2) or less than a level 2 maths qualification. If you think you may  qualify for a concessionary rate, please contact us to discuss your eligibility.

Click here to download a copy of our Autumn 2024 programme


Colourful Soundwave

Festival – Sound & Colour, with Angie Burgess

Starts Monday 30th September 2024 / 6 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

**FREE for eligible learners**
Cost: £55/ *£35 concessions

This is a fun group for all learner levels.

Come and join us as we explore the importance of music and colour. We will be working using a range of creative resources, including drawing, painting and digital media. We will be choosing tracks for our session playlists, creating our own compositions and using a variety of music genres as an inspiration for the different art works we create.

As usual singing and dancing is encouraged in our friendly group..


A collection of willow baskets and bowls

Willow Weaving Frame Baskets, with Helen Parkinson

Starts Monday 30th September 2024 / 6 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 1:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

£90 (*£45 concessions)

During this term we will be focusing on creating a beautiful and useful frame basket using a variety of different coloured willow. There will also be an opportunity to complete a variety of small projects for your
home and garden.

At the end of the course, you will have a good basic knowledge of willow types and how to prepare them, weaving tools and how to use them and the traditional techniques involved in constructing a frame basket. You are welcome to bring along a favourite pair of secateurs, but tools will be provided.


Balls of colourful knitting wool

Knitting and Yarn Crafts for Beginners,
with Chrissie Driessen

Starts Monday 30th September 2024 / 6 weeks with half-term break

12:30pm – 2:30pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

**FREE for eligible learners**
Cost: £55/ *£35 concessions

Join us as we learn and practice a range of yarn and knit-based skills that make up so many of the garments that we love. We will be exploring how to knit pearl, rib and moss stitch, as well as casting on and off. All materials are supplied. No previous experience is necessary, as this course is aimed at the complete beginner. Group sizes ensure you get the support needed to get started and gain confidence. We provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which you can learn a new skill or develop your existing knowledge.




Yellow and black print of leaves

Print, Paint & Explore,
with Bela Kielt

Starts Tuesday 1st October 2024 / 6 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

**FREE for eligible learners**
Cost: £50/ *£35 concessions

This course will encourage learners to experiment with different forms of simple printmaking and other painting techniques. We will work on paper, card and fabric and you can choose from a range of designs or make your own. We will explore a range of different paints and make our own from earth pigments and natural materials. No experience necessary, just be prepared to have a go!



A group of circus and performing arts students dressed up in homemade costumes

Circus & Performing Arts, with Jo Jarratt

Starts Wednesday 2nd October 2024 / 9 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)


Do you like to perform? Do you love the theatre? Do you love the circus? Come and join us on this 9 week course of circus, drama and dance, where we shall work together to create a fabulous performance of our own!


A ceramics artwork depicting 2 people

Exploring Ceramics

Starts Wednesday 2nd October 2024 / 8 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:15pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

Cost:  £95/*£45 concessions

Enjoy making with clay in a creative and supportive atmosphere, whether it be working on the wheel, hand building, or a mixture of the two. An initial project will be introduced by the tutor, to help get your creative juices flowing. Students will also be encouraged to work on their own personal projects thereafter


A tin of watercolour paints and brushes

Discover Painting, with Bela Kielt

Starts Wednesday 2nd October 2024 / 8 weeks with half-term break

1:30pm – 3:45pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

Cost:  £80/*£45 concessions

This course is perfect for beginners, as well as people with some experience. During the course you will exercise and explore some of the basic principles of painting; types of composition, light and mixing paint. We will try a variety of exercises, such as making super-fast sketches with a brush. Working on a large scale, you will have fun using paint, charcoal and pencil. We will explore different styles and spend lots of time focusing on observation and painting from life.


A yellow dish with a dark spiral effect on the front

Course 1 – Starts Wednesday 2nd October / 4 weeks

Course 2 – Starts Wednesday 6th November / 4 weeks

6:30pm – 8:30pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

Cost: £80/ *£65 concessions for 4 weeks

New learners will be shown several different ways of hand building & decorating pots as well as glazing. Returning learners will be helped to make their own pottery projects. The pottery has four pottery wheels, so there will be some opportunity to throw a pot, though this may be limited by demand.



Colourful textiles pattern

Developing Ideas for Textiles, with Lizzie Godden

Starts Thursday 3rd October 2024 / 8 weeks with half-term break

10:15am – 12:30pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

Cost:  £80/*£45 concessions

We’ll keep an ideas book; we might call it a scrap book. In it we’ll doodle, print, add pictures, found objects, text and stitch, developing our ideas. We’ll have fun experimenting and exploring. Our workbooks could be used within the course to create personal textile pieces.

We’ll be having a Textiles exhibition at Artspace in Autumn 2024, showing the huge range of beautiful pieces, large and small, that we can produce using
textiles techniques.



A group of drama students in costume

Discover Drama, with Jo Jarratt

Starts Friday 4th October 2024/ 8 weeks with half-term break

10:00am – 12:00pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

£50 / *£35 concessions

Have you ever wanted to have a go at acting? Do you want to develop your confidence? This course offers adults the chance to explore and develop their communication and performing skills; using improvisation, characterisation, vocal and physical exercises in order to challenge and excite! There will also be the opportunity to devise your own piece of theatre for performance.


A collage of pictures of 3-D typography

Fun with 3D Fonts, with Warren Day#

Starts Friday 4th October 2024/ 8 weeks with half-term break

2:00pm – 4:15pm (at Artspace Cinderford)

Cost:  £80/*£45 concessions

Have you noticed how influential typography is in our modern lives? Called typefaces, there are thousands of different styles that can be used for different purposes such as product names, band names, book covers and chocolate bars! This course will give you the opportunity to learn a little more about how amazing typography is and how it is used in our society.
Using mixed media and unusual materials such as ice (yes ice), food, found objects and more, you will be able to create some really visually interesting physical 3D ‘words’ which can be photographed and captured forever. Links to other artists, designers and typographers will be made to inspire you and further your research in order todevelop a final outcome
towards the end of the course.