Eleanor Thomas


Eleanor Thomas


Hi Eleanor. Thank you so much for all your wonderful submissions to the Artspace Gallery, and for taking the time to talk about you and your work.

Q – What is your background?

A – I am a self-taught artist who has been developing their skills and experience in art for approximately 5 years. Although, I had always considered myself to be artistic I had become discouraged after failing my Art O Level and put my passion for art to one side whilst I followed my career path into teaching. I now work part time as an SEN Teacher in a Secondary School and enjoy being creative on the days when I am not at work!

Self Portrait by Eleanor Thomas (Charcoal and Acrylic Paint)

Q – How did you get into art?

A- When my mother died 4 years ago I began painting and found it to be extremely therapeutic. My father also died 2 years ago. Much of the work I did initially was a helpful way of processing my grief.

‘Walking the Volcano’ by Eleanor Thomas (Acrylic Paint)

Q – Where do you live and does living there influence your creative process or provide inspiration in another way?

A – I live in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, very close to the beautiful Leckhampton Hill. I am inspired by the local landscape and regularly paint from my experience of this landscape. I find that walking in the countryside provides me with inspiration and helps me to process my ideas for artwork.

‘Lockdown Walking Paths’ by Eleanor Thomas (Acrylic Paint)

Q – What is your chosen subject and why?

A – I have recently been painting a lot from my experiences of landscape around the Cotswolds but I also very much enjoy painting portraits of people.

‘Portrait of a Girl’ by Eleanor Thomas (Watercolour and Ink Pen)

Q – What medium and materials do you work with?

A – I work mainly in watercolour and acrylic paint though also use pastels from time to time. I am keen to do more work in soft pastels. I also like to experiment and mix media and particularly enjoy exploring the qualities of different media.

‘Spring Carpet’ by Eleanor Thomas (Acrylic Paint)

Q – How would you describe your style? How has your style evolved over time, and what has influenced its development?

A – I would describe my style as ‘loose’ and impressionistic. I tend to take riskswhich sometimes don’t work. I enjoy sketching in pen rather than pencil and like experimenting when using watercolour to see what happens! I think that overtime, I have become more confident in my style and am less nervous about making mistakes. I know my work is not perfect but my main concern in painting is to try and convey a sense of atmosphere or emotion. I take inspiration from a range of artists who I follow on Instagram but am particularly inspired by the works of Monet, Cezanne and Turner, as well as John Piper!

‘Paris at Night (View from the Big Bus)’ by Eleanor Thomas (Acrylic Paint and Collage)

Q – What’s your studio like?

A – I am very fortunate to have a ‘garden room’ space outside my backdoor which is big enough to spread out all my equipment and make a mess. I love working in this room and I have space on the walls to hang a range of my work.

‘Boat on the Estuary ‘ by Eleanor Thomas (Acrylic Paint)

Q- Is there an artwork you are most proud of?

A – I am pleased with a number of pieces, my favourite ones I hang in my house or try to sell. (I have a small gallery space in a local Church/Community Centre, although currently my work here is not getting viewed very much.) I feel that there is so much more to learn and I don’t believe I have yet produced my best work…. Ask me again in a year or two!

!‘Nature Reserve’ by Eleanor Thomas (Acrylic Paint)

You can keep up to date with Eleanor’s work on Instagram @eclaret70