Engage – Activities


Mask Making and Templates

Create your own mask for your performance or just for fun !

Download the instructions here

Download templates below…



Moustache 1

Moustache 2


Illusion Drawings

Optical illusion line drawing

Have a go at colouring the drawings or creating your own, by downloading and using the guides below

Illusion Drawing 1

Illusion Drawing 2

Creating an Aerial Act Pink and purple graphic of acrobat on the silksCreate an Aerial Act

Click here to download instructions and suggestions on how to create an aerial act , which can be used for any circus act!




How To Make Sock Poi

Elly from Circomedia shows you how to make your very own sock poi from…well, socks! Once you’ve made them, she shows you basic moves to try with your new equipment. Elly also demonstrates some longer sequences for you to work towards!

Watch ‘Hula Hoop From Cardboard Boxes’ Video

Watch ‘How To Make Hula Hoops From Plastic Tubing’ Video

Making Your Own Circus Comic Strip

Click here to download the template for making your own circus comic strip

Make Your Own Hula Hoop

Click here to follow School of Larks’ easy DIY tutorial and learn to make your own hula hoop!